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MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories for generations to come. Our powerful technology does the searching for you, revealing fascinating new details about your family history — effortlessly.

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The company was founded in 2003 by our CEO – entrepreneur and family historian Gilad Japhet. From a humble garage startup, MyHeritage has grown into a global company with 95 million users across 196 countries.
Our 420 employees work out of bright, spacious offices in Israel, North America, and Europe to deliver an exceptional user experience in 42 languages. Guided by our core values of innovation, compassion and diversity, our team undertakes many voluntary community initiatives, using our expertise and technology to reunite families. We are delighted to go the extra mile for our users, offering 24/7 support and striving to create a true sense of community in the world of family history.
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Every family has fascinating stories waiting to be told.

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Pro Bono Initiatives

One of our driving forces as a company is to do good. We engage in many pro bono projects worldwide.

Tribal Quest

Tribal Quest is a MyHeritage pro bono project for documenting the family stories of remote tribal communities around the world that face a risk of cultural extinction. We’re helping tribes who have no access to technology, to preserve their family history for their future generations.

Visit the Tribal Quest website to learn more about the family histories we documented, including captivating photo galleries and the team’s journey logs.
An introduction to the Tribal Quest initiative, describing our first expedition to document the family histories of the Himba people in Namibia.
Our journey to five different tribes in various regions of rural Papua New Guinea where we lived and worked with local families.
Part 1 of a TV segment on Channel 10, featuring reporter Itay Vered who participated in the MyHeritage Papua New Guinea Tribal Quest expedition.
Part 2 of the TV segment about the Papua New Guinea Tribal Quest expedition featuring Itay Vered.

The Secret of Erikoussa

MyHeritage has conducted extensive research on the island of Corfu in Greece. Its highlight was the reunion of the descendants of a Jewish family hidden during WWII on Ereikoussa, a tiny island north of Corfu, and descendants of the courageous Greek Islanders who risked their lives to save this family. We’ve uncovered many emotional side stories on our journey.

Fascinating TV feature uncovering the story about the secret that the inhabitants of the small island of Erikoussa all shared.
Following the research done by MyHeritage on the Jewish community of Corfu.
Our research connected the saved Jewish family with the Corfiot grandparents of Amir Ziv, prompting him to recount childhood memories.

Restitution of Looted Assets

MyHeritage discovered heirs for unclaimed assets confiscated during WWII and returned looted art to its rightful owners.

Journalist Doreen Carvajal enlisted help from Gilad Japhet to return artworks stolen by the Nazis to their rightful owners.
A feature about how Gilad Japhet began to research the heirs of paintings from the looted art, using MyHeritage and other online databases.
A feature on Wired about MyHeritage's pro bono project returning assets lost during WWII to their rightful heirs.
MyHeritage Founder and CEO Gilad Japhet featured on Israel's prime-time news discussing this project.

Reuniting Families

At MyHeritage, we often reach out to our users and help them make life-changing family history discoveries.

MyHeritage reunites 93-year-old Holocaust survivor Nata Gattegno with her relatives.
Mike and his long-lost siblings meet for the first time.
Mike reunites with 3 long-lost brothers family in Indiana.
The incredible reunion of two brothers, separated as babies, who met 65 years later!
Helen was adopted as a baby, 63 years ago, and recently found seven half-siblings that she had never met!
We returned a 100-year-old WWI medal to the descendants of its original owner in the UK.
Linoy Simon found her long-lost sister using MyHeritage.
Linda, adopted at age 16, never knew her birth family. She found them through MyHeritage.

Digitizing Cemeteries

MyHeritage launched a global initiative, together with BillionGraves, to digitally preserve the world’s cemeteries because of the key role that gravestones play in family history and in society in general.

MyHeritage Founder and CEO Gilad Japhet talks about the importance of our global initiative to preserve the world's cemeteries.
MyHeritage employees came out in full force to digitize an entire cemetery to kick-start global initiative.
MyHeritage undertook a huge challenge – to digitize Israel’s largest cemetery – with a group of enthusiastic volunteers.
We’ve completed 50% of our goal to digitize every cemetery in Israel.

Core Products and Services


Smart Matching™

Finds matching profiles in family trees, enabling users to discover new ancestors and relatives, and connect with other users

Record Matching

Automatic matches between people and historical records

Instant Discoveries™

Unique technology that allows adding a whole new branch to the family tree in one click


Search engine for exploring billions of historical records

Record Detective™

Automatically extends the paper trail from a single historical record to other related records and family tree connections

Global Name Translation™

Translates names found in historical records and family trees from one language into another, to facilitate matches between names in different languages

Search Connect™

Enables users to easily find others who are looking for the same ancestors or relatives, and get in touch with them

MyHeritage DNA

Ethnicity Estimates

Reveals the percentage breakdown of ethnic origins

DNA Matching

Finds relatives based on shared DNA

Family History


An online home for creating family trees and discovering, preserving and sharing family history

Mobile app

Research family history on-the-go, available on iOS and Android


Free Family Tree Builder software helps researchers organize, document and expand their family tree